The Ministry of Health has released the latest cancer incidence statistics and the incidence of gut cancers or cancers of the digestive system is increasing year on year. 5423 New Zealanders were diagnosed with a gut cancer to the year-end 2018 (latest figures available) an increase from 5143 the previous year.

Collectively, gut cancers are the most common form of cancer in New Zealand. Within this group of cancers, the largest year on year increases in incidence are as follows: (Source: Ministry of Health)

Gallbladder & bile duct cancer 18.50%
Pancreatic cancer 12.25%
Bowel cancer 5.79%

Full details of the latest statistics can be found here.

Gut Cancer Foundation Executive Officer, Liam Willis, spoke with Mike Hosking about the GCF’s support of the MASTERPLAN clinical trial and what it could mean for New Zealanders with pancreatic cancer:

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GCF’s ‘It’s About Time’ Pancreatic Cancer Awareness campaign received a boost with fantastic coverage courtesy of Newshub, TV3 and Prime. PCAM ambassador once again stepped up to discuss her ongoing battle with the disease with GCF Executive Officer also discussing our donor’s fantastic support of the MASTERPLAN clinical trial.

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