Plains to Peaks Trek 2021

*The Plains to Peak Trek is now fully booked. To add your name to the waiting list for 2021 places, or to enquire about future treks please contact Sue Beuvink on*

This gutsy adventure will take you on a spectacular journey from the Canterbury Plains to the Peaks of the Canterbury Alps over a week of trekking from 21st-27th March 2021.

The Plains to Peaks Trek is organised and led by the team at World Expeditions. The experienced guides will take you to lesser known areas of the Southern Alps to explore this outstanding landscape. Full trip notes and itinerary can be found here.

We ask everyone taking part in the Plains to Peaks Trek to pledge to raise a minimum $2,000. Your fundraising support through this trek will help to bring global clinical trials to New Zealand, giving New Zealanders with gut cancer access to new treatments faster, and will ensure more people understand the causes and symptoms of gut cancer so they can get help sooner.

Regular exercise has been proven to reduce your risk of developing a gut cancer so at the same time as you partake in an adventure of discovery, you’ll also be loving your guts as you take on this 70km mountainous physical challenge.

Once you have registered for the Trek, we will forward you a link to setup your own online fundraising page which you can share with family and friends to support you with donations. We ask everyone taking part to raise a minimum of $2,000 and with the regular fundraising support and tips along the way, you should exceed the goal.

Last year, our team of Gutsy explorers trekked through the Southern Alps in support of the Gut Cancer Foundation raising an incredible $35,000 in the process.

Southern Alps Trek 2019

In November 2019 our Gutsy team took on the challenge of trekking across New Zealand’s Southern Alps. Walking 70km of the secluded ridges of New Zealand’s mountain range, the team trekked up to 18km a day to complete their challenge.

The team matched their physical feats with an astonishing fundraising effort, raising $35,000 to fund clinical trials, giving New Zealanders access to new treatments faster.

3 of the team discusses their motivation for taking part in the video below:


The Gutsy Challenge Team

Our Gutsy Team (from right to left): Dr Sharon Pattison, Mark Jeffery, Dr Kate Clarke, Dr Ben Lawrence, Chris Franks.