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Research & clinical trials

Thanks to our supporters, the Gut Cancer Foundation facilitates access to leading-edge clinical trials for New Zealanders, fund innovative research into the causes and treatments of gut cancers to ensure New Zealanders have access to the best care possible. We fund research and support the brightest minds to accelerate research and contribute to global advancements and collaborate with Australian and international research organisations to provide greater benefits to gut cancer patients in New Zealand.

The Gut Cancer Foundation has 4 main research priorities that guide our decisions when it comes to funding research:

  • Improving access for New Zealanders to clinical trials
  • Supporting clinicians to combine their clinical work with research projects
  • The development of a dedicated clinical research workforce for upper and lower GI cancers, with a focus on increasing Māori participation
  • Supporting research and trials that increase equitable outcomes and access for Māori, and other underserved populations in Aotearoa New Zealand

How do we improve outcomes of gut cancers?

Clinical research and trials are fundamental to the future of cancer treatment. They are the final link in the chain of medical research, advancing discoveries made in laboratories into treatments that improve the quality of life for patients.

Clinical trials are not about labs or test tubes; they are real life studies involving patients, and they often produce major advances. They are the best way to define exactly which medications, surgical techniques and radiation treatments work best to help patients.

Most of the time, clinical trials compare a new treatment or procedure against the standard therapy. Trials are broken down into three phases which relate to different steps in treatment testing. 

Generally, the funding pool for research in New Zealand is quite small, but for clinical trials in particular it is very difficult for New Zealand's brightest minds to source the necessary funding. As a result, New Zealanders miss out on access to the latest treatment options.

With your support, the Gut Cancer Foundation can help give New Zealanders access to international clinical trials by directly funding the cost of setting the trial up and patient participation.

Participation in clinical trials is always voluntary and dependent on the patient meeting certain criteria. If you’re interested in joining a trial, your first contact is normally your doctor or specialist. For more general information on entering clinical trials please click here.

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