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Support and Resources

See below for support and resources that may be useful to you if you have been newly diagnosed or are family or a friend of someone who is affected by gut cancer.

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  • GP: Visiting your GP is normally the first step when you are concerned about health symptoms. If they feel that you may require more investigations or follow up they will recommend you to see a GI specialist. Remember that many people who are recommended to see specialists do not end up having gut cancer.
  • Specialist: The specialists may request further tests to ensure that they fully investigate any areas of concern. They will continue to monitor you if ongoing treatment is required.
  • Cancer Society of New Zealand: Provides a range of support services for people with cancer and their family/caregivers, including information on cancer and its effects.
  • Bowel Cancer NZ: BCNZ are a nationwide, patient-led organisation committed to reducing the impact of bowel cancer on the community through awareness, education and support. They offer support for patients and whanau going through bowel cancer, including a 24/7 nurse support service.
  • NeruoEndocrine Cancer NZ (Formerly the Unicorn Foundation). This is a national, patient-led organisation committed to educating and supporting patients suffering from neuroendocrine tumours/carcinomas (NETs) and their families.
  • GI Cancer Institute (Australia): GCF’s counterpart in Australia. This group raises funds for clinical trials research by the not for profit organisation Australasian Gastro-Intestinal Trials Group (AGITG).
  • Cancer Council Victoria: This site has excellent information on each of cancer, supportive resources and webinars.
  • Life, Happiness… & Cancer: A book written by NZ cancer survivor Phil Kerslake. He offers a range of strategies to cope with the cancer journey. It is well acknowledged by the Cancer Society of NZ.

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