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New webinar series launched

GCF launches new webinar series.

As part of our work looking at diet, nutrition, lifestyle and gut health, in relation to the prevention of gut cancers, GCF is launching a new webinar series. We will be asking a series of experts to share their knowledge on specialist areas to help you better understand your gut health, and the role that nutrition, diet and exercise can play in reducing the risk of gut cancers.

The series kicks off on Wednesday, June 29th with a discussion on the current evidence for the role of nutrition in cancer prevention in Aotearoa and an exploration of some of the exciting global research in this area.

Our special guest speaker for this webinar will be Dr. Claire Wall. A member of the Gut Cancer Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Committee since 2013, Dr Wall is a Professor of Nutrition at Auckland University and one of New Zealand’s leading experts in the relationships between nutrition and health outcomes. Claire has extensive experience in teaching and research in human nutrition and is an active member of the nutrition community in New Zealand.