This March, the Gut Cancer Foundation (GCF) is addressing these statistics by asking New Zealand to ‘GIVE IT UP’ for gut cancers. Kiwis around the country are being asked to give up alcohol, sugar or the sofa for the month of March with the aim of fundraising to help researchers find new ways to detect, treat and beat these cancers

But the GIVE IT UP campaign is about more than just raising funds for research, as important as that is. Executive Officer, Liam Willis, says, “Research has shown that obesity and excessive alcohol consumption are two factors which greatly increase the risk of developing a gut cancer. Research also suggests regular exercise could help reduce the chances of developing these diseases. Asking New Zealanders to raise money for research, whilst helping to reduce their own risks makes perfect sense.”

Anyone taking part in the GIVE IT UP challenge will be supported with tips and advice from the team at 4 Wheels of Health, the science based 4-week health education course created by acclaimed Kiwi chef Simon Gault and Metabolic Nutritionist, Sean Robertson.

“Gut health is one of the most fascinating and implicative areas of our health. This is your engine, and with a well-functioning engine comes a well-functioning vehicle”, said Robertson. “Spreading the message of why gut health is so important for our physical and mental wellbeing is part of why we do what we do, and why we are excited to partner with GCF and the GIVE IT UP challenge.”

If you are interested in signing up to ‘GIVE IT UP’ for gut cancer all the information you need is on

The Ministry of Health has released the latest cancer incidence statistics and the incidence of gut cancers or cancers of the digestive system is increasing year on year. 5423 New Zealanders were diagnosed with a gut cancer to the year-end 2018 (latest figures available) an increase from 5143 the previous year.

Collectively, gut cancers are the most common form of cancer in New Zealand. Within this group of cancers, the largest year on year increases in incidence are as follows: (Source: Ministry of Health)

Gallbladder & bile duct cancer 18.50%
Pancreatic cancer 12.25%
Bowel cancer 5.79%

Full details of the latest statistics can be found here.

Five lucky auction winners were treated to an experience like no other at Hampton Downs. Upcoming Red Bull Junior star, Liam Lawson, jumped behind the wheel of Grant Baker’s Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo to treat these 5 petrol heads to a hot lap experience they’ll never forget. In conditions best described as ‘varied’, Liam showed off all the skills that have seen him signed to drive Formula 2 in the upcoming season.

The 5 GCF supporters who won their chance to experience genuine racing speed and conditions, did so through successful bids at the Big Boys Toys VIP night, or via an online TradeMe auction, raising over $10,000 for gut cancer research and awareness in the process.

GCF EO Liam Willis was also lucky enough to take a spin on the day. “That truly was an experience like no other” Willis said. “The experience is not something I or our amazing auction supporters will forget in a hurry! We are so grateful to our auction winners for the amazing amount raised, to Liam for giving his time to this fantastic day, to Grant Baker for the loan of his incredible car, and of course to all at Hampton Downs who made this such a memorable experience for us all.”