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We would be delighted to discuss potential work place fundraising events, partnerships or corporate sponsorship.

Research sponsorship

Sponsorship packages with GCF come in all different shapes and sizes, and can be tailored to suit your business objectives. Sponsoring a charity event or program can:

  • improve your company’s profile

  • improve brand perception

  • help you reach a desired target market.

Events sponsorship

Sponsorship opportunities include national events. Every May is “Gastro-Intestinal Cancer Awareness Month,” better known as #LoveYerGuts. November is “Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month,” which always has a purple party theme.

We offer support, such as publications and resource materials, and Memorandums of Understanding can be created by our pro bono legal team at Chapman Tripp.

You can sponsor specific research projects, which includes naming rights for clinical trials, fellowships and research grants.

We encourage long-term relationships.

Research grant naming rights

Organisations can establish endowed or annually funded grants for clinical research, fellowships and clinical trial grants. Our Scientific Advisory Committee provides expert advice, with specialists ensuring we award grants to only the most academically rigorous research.

An endowed research grant can be established with a single cash gift, stocks, bonds, property, bequest or other deferred or planned gifts. GCF has an existing endowment fund with Perpetual Guardian, which enables the best return for very low fees due to the charitable trust status and intent of the fund.

Organisations can choose to name research grants after themselves, in honour of an employee or founder, or after the name of a company, foundation or organisation.

Guest speakers

Professor Mike Findlay, Oncologist, is a charismatic speaker with an in-depth understanding of gastrointestinal cancers.

Liam Willis, Executive Officer, is an experienced public speaker who effectively conveys key messages and our research in informative and engaging sessions.

Additionally, we now offer special online company fundraising pages for your corporate events or fundraising activities through our dedicated fundraising page.

Workplace fundraising

Fundraising in support of GCF is a great way to involve staff, members, customers, clients or suppliers. From morning teas, to company teams in sporting events, staff lunches and casual clothes days, fundraisers provide a great opportunity for team building as well as PR opportunities and good news stories.

If you have a particular time in the year when you actively promote your organisation or get the whole company together, why not include a charity element?

Workplace giving

What is payroll giving?

Payroll giving is the opportunity for employees to donate directly from their PAYE to GCF – simple and tax-efficient! Employees can nominate any amount they wish. If the donation is more than $5, they receive a third of the donation amount as an immediate tax rebate. As an employee you don’t need to wait until the end of the year to claim your tax credit. To find out if your company already participates in payroll giving or to set up payroll giving at your workplace, please contact your Payroll Administrator who can email us at info@gutcancer.org.nz for more information.

Match your employee payroll giving

As a business ‘leading by example’, you can match your employees’ donations dollar for dollar. Through providing a payroll giving scheme and matching your employees’ donations, you are demonstrating your corporate social responsibility, whilst showing your commitment to making a difference. Matched donations are also tax deductible for your business.

Company donations

Your organisation could make a simple one-off or ongoing donation to GCF. Your support will help us to continue our vital awareness and research.

Non-monetary gifts

There are many non-monetary ways your organisation can support GCF.
Contra Support – such as free advertising and promotion of a specific campaign or program, or free use of a particular product or service.

  • skilled volunteering – where a person from your organisation volunteers at the charity and performs a role in which they have been specifically trained

  • donation of products and merchandise for events and campaigns.

Contact: Liam Willis, Executive Officer liamw@gutcancer.org.nz or 0800 112 775

Donate to GCF today

We appreciate any support you can give to help fund clinical research and raise awareness of Gut Cancers.