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GIVE IT UP raises awareness

GIVE IT UP for gut cancer raises vital awareness for gut cancer prevention.

From the outset, the aim of the GIVE IT UP for Gut Cancer campaign has had three key aims:

  • To raise vital funds for research, awareness, education, and advocacy
  • To raise awareness about gut cancer prevention
  • To give participants practical help to make lasting, sustainable changes to their health

Campaign Coverage

In addition to the wonderful fundraising efforts of our GIVE IT UP supporters, 2022’s campaign saw fantastic coverage of the key message that diet, nutrition, and exercise play a key role in reducing the risk of developing a gut cancer.

With over $500,000 worth of media coverage secured with a reach of over 5 million listeners, readers and viewers, the campaign achieved nationwide coverage giving us the opportunity to speak to Kiwis directly about the links between a healthy lifestyle and reducing the risk of gut cancers, as well as discussing the symptoms to be aware. These are a selection of some of the coverage achieved during the campaign:

Participant support and education

Throughout the campaign, we were able to provide our supporters with direct advice and education to support them through their GIVE IT UP challenge, and provide the tools to take their learnings on and create sustained lifestyle changes.

We are grateful to our fantastic campaign partners, 4 Wheels of Health and Aviv Jones for supporting our supporters on their journey with a series of blogs, posts and educational webinars made available to all participants. Take a look at some of the advice provided in the videos below:

GIVE IT UP is more than just a fundraising event. It is about making a direct difference in people’s lives, giving people the tools to make lasting changes and lead healthier lifestyles. We are extremely proud of the impact the campaign has had in this regard. The feedback below shows what a difference GIVE IT UP can make on an individual level, something that we will be looking to grow as the campaign moves forward:

“The educational component to the group was fantastic & I found it really helpful. I appreciated that the webinars were recorded so that I could watch them later. I learnt a lot and intend to watch them again a few times as well as point other people towards them. It felt like there was a good balance in regards to the emphasis on fundraising and people’s own personal health and well-being. Though I set out initially to improve my own personal health, along the way I really connected with the campaign and learnt some things about gut cancers. This was a very well run campaign. Thank you! I’m hopeful that many of the things I’ve gained will become lifestyle changes & hope to do the campaign again next year. I am recommending it to others”.

“During March I learned a lot about the effects sugar has on the body, especially the gut microbiome, and ya know what? I think I’m going to continue on keeping it very low. Sometimes a temporary challenge can result in permanent change.”

“1 month of no sugar and no alcohol, was certainly easier than I thought it was going to be and being able to make conscious decisions around healthier alternatives to eat has stuck in my mind. I have shed 5kgs and feel a lot less bloated and my skin is amazing so I can only imagine how happy the internal organs are. Onwards and upwards to maintaining a healthier lifestyle.”

“I’m going to continue on a reduced sugar journey going forward, amazing how great I feel. Next challenge is reducing my carb intake! And next year will be doing both sugar and alcohol-free.”

“We did it guys! Loved our kai pics, hikoi pics, exercise, new healthier food options, etc. We all slipped up, but to be aware and consciously do better each day was the key take away. Thanks for the ride! Let’s continue to make good food choices”

“1 month of no alcohol or sugar!! Lost 4.3 kgs. Felt so much better, now to continue and keep alcohol and sugar limited.”

“Here is to a healthier lifestyle people. Keep doing what your doing. I don’t know about you but I gonna keep going. No point putting all this effort in and returning to old habits. Here is to reigniting gut health.”

“31 days diet coke free! So glad I did this. It’s been really hard, the caffeine withdrawal headaches, tiredness, cravings. But I’ve beaten this addiction, now onwards as I don’t want to ever start back. So glad I did this, looking forward to a healthier gut, healthier overall health, better for my teeth, more money in my wallet, and setting a better example for my son. So good to be able to raise some funds for a brilliant cause while doing it.”