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Newshub features GIVE IT UP

GIVE IT UP on Newshub

The Gut Cancer Foundation’s work to raise vital awareness about the causes, risks and symptoms of gut cancers, received a boost with a fantastic report on TV3’s Newshub. National Correspondent Amanda Gillies met with GIVE IT UP ambassador and Oesophageal Cancer patient Karen Pratt, GIVE IT UP campaign partner Simon Gault, and GCF Executive Officer Liam Willis.

Karen’s powerful story reminds us of the urgent need to fund more research into these prevalent and deadly cancers, and ensure New Zealanders are aware of the risk factors involved.

The GIVE IT UP campaign aims to address both these issues in one. Executive Office Liam Willis said, “We are grateful to Amanda, Karen and Simon for their part in promoting the GIVE IT UP campaign. This really is a fantastic opportunity to combine fundraising with awareness and education around what we can all do to reduce our risks of developing gut cancers. A healthy diet, maintaining a healthy weight and increasing exercise are all key to reducing our risks. GIVE IT UP is a great way to make the first steps towards a healthier lifestyle, whilst raising vital funds in the process”.

Check out the brilliant TV3 piece below: