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THYmine2 moves to analysis stage

Following ongoing difficulties in recruiting patients due to the impact of COVID-19, the THYmine2 study has closed to recruitment. Despite the ongoing difficulties, the research team successfully recruited 166 patients out of a target of 200. This success was down in part to the funding provided by GCFsupporters which was used to employ a clinical trials manager to help expand recruitment across a total of 5 sites.

Final follow-up at the sites is almost complete and data analysis has commenced. The final Study Report is expected in late 2022.

Lead investigator Dr Nuala Helsbey said, “The THYmine2 study aims to assess whether a simple test, undertaken before 5-FU or capecitabine treatment begins, can detect which people with gastrointestinal or breast cancer cannot tolerate this treatment. This may help doctors to personalise 5-FU or capecitabine treatment plans and add to doctor-patient discussions regarding the potential side effects an individual may be experience.

We are most thankful to the Gut Cancer Foundation for their continued support. A total of 166 participants were recruited to this study. We are now in the exciting phase of analysing the outcome of this research”.