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PCAM 2021 a ‘shining’ success

As the 2021 Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month comes to an end we are delighted to share an overview of this year’s campaign, the numbers behind it, and the fantastic coverage we received.

Such fantastic figures are a direct measurement of the campaign’s success in ‘Shining A Light’ on the symptoms, risks, and need for research into pancreatic cancer.

We are grateful to all of our wonderful ambassadors who stood up and told their stories for the campaign. You can watch and read their journies here and take a look at some of the press coverage they generated below:

Every year over 730 Kiwis are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Only 12% of those diagnosed will survive beyond 5 years. The Shine A Light campaign aims to tackle these numbers head-on by raising awareness of the symptoms and risk factors to help with earlier diagnosis and prevention. We are extremely grateful to everyone who made the campaign a success and particularly humbled by the bravery and dedication of those telling their stories throughout.