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Big Purple Dinner

The Gut Cancer Foundation is excited to announce the launch of a new fundraising initiative in support of research and awareness for pancreatic cancer. Over 600 New Zealanders are will die from pancreatic this year alone and sadly pancreatic cancer has the worst survival rate of any major cancer meaning these numbers are expected to rise. By 2025, pancreatic cancer is projected to be the 4th largest cause of cancer deaths in New Zealand.

At GCF we want to help address these stark facts and support New Zealand’s forgotten cancer patients with awareness campaigns and increased funding for research and clinical trials. So, we’ve created a new fundraising campaign specifically aimed at raising funds for pancreatic cancer research and awareness.

The Big Purple Dinner invites New Zealand to eat purple, dress purple, decorate purple and have fun with your friends and family whilst raising vital funds for those impacted by pancreatic cancer. The idea is simple.:

Choose a date and invite friends and family for a ‘purple dinner’
Plan a purple menu, wear purple or decorate your dinner party purple
Collect donations through an online fundraising page and have fun!

GCF has put together a fantastic selection of purple recipe ideas, but hosts can choose their own dishes to create or simply dress or decorate in purple instead.

The launch of the Big Purple Dinner coincides with this year’s Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month which will run throughout November 2021. We want as many Kiwis as possible to join us in raising vital funds to discover new treatments & diagnostic tests together with raising awareness of the symptoms of this deadly cancer so people seek help sooner.