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TOPGEAR completes recruitment

The TOPGEAR clinical trial has now completed recruitment!

TOPGEAR is a vital trial trying to determine the best combination of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery to improve cure rates for patients with gastric (stomach and oesophageal) cancer. After 12 years, TOPGEAR has completed patient recruitment. Opening to patient recruitment in 2009, the TOPGEAR study team initially established the Australian sites before moving to develop international recruitment in 2013. Establishing 70 sites in Europe, Canada, and Australia, Gut Cancer Foundation supporters helped give New Zealanders access to this trial and ensured New Zealand has played an important role in this international collaboration.

The length and breadth of TOPGEAR shows just how complex it can be to successfully create and recruit to clinical trials. Our colleagues at the AGITG have done an incredible job to bring this trial recruitment to completion, and we are grateful to our supporters for helping New Zealand play its part.

TOPGEAR’s Study Chair Professor Trevor Leong noted the importance of the TOPGEAR trial saying; “It’s a trial that is important to all three oncology disciplines and has universal appeal. It is also an academic trial which asks a fundamental question in oncology that cannot be addressed by Pharmaceutical industry sponsorship.”… “Clinicians across the world are eagerly awaiting the results. When you go to oncology meetings they will talk about TOPGEAR, especially in Upper GI (Gastro-Intestinal) circles where it is one of the most anticipated trials.”

Clinicians will be able to hear an update on TOPGEAR when the trial is presented at the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) Annual Meeting in October.

Progressing into the final stages, we look forward to receiving and sharing the results of the trial which aim to set the standard of care for patients with resectable gastric cancer and improve treatment outcomes and cure rates.

For more information on the trial click here.