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Kiwi Car Loans partnership

We are excited to announce a new partnership with our friends at Kiwi Car Loans and Credit One. This will be a multi-faceted and wide-ranging partnership with the team at Kiwi Car Loans and Credit One providing invaluable digital marketing expertise together with financial, marketing, and fundraising support for Gut Cancer Foundation’s ongoing calendar of events, campaigns, and appeals.

Gut Cancer Foundation’s Executive Officer Liam Willis says “We are extremely grateful to Kiwi Car Loans and Credit One for their support. The practical advice and guidance they are providing in the digital space is invaluable. Their expertise in this area will help our education, awareness, and campaign messages reach a much larger audience and help maximise the potential of our vital fundraising events, appeals, and campaigns. Their generosity will help to improve survival rates, life expectancy, and outcomes for the 14 New Zealanders a day diagnosed with a gut cancer, and we are extremely grateful for their support.”

Kiwi Car Loans and Credit One Group manager Ron van Herpt says “I am very pleased to be able to work with and support the Non-Profit organisation the Gut Cancer Foundation.

To be able to give back and firstly offer greater awareness to the wider Community of this significant illness and assist in the support for any early diagnosis while helping ongoing Fundraising Opportunities which can enable the GCF to improve treatment options and continue research to help any affected individuals.”