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GIVE IT UP raises $100k!

This March over 630 Kiwis signed up to GIVE IT UP for gut cancer, with participants giving up either sugar, alcohol, or the sofa for the entire month.

The GIVE IT UP campaign was created to raise vital funds to find better ways to detect, diagnose and treat gut cancers and raise awareness that reducing obesity, alcohol intake, and increasing exercise can all help reduce the risk of developing them. On both counts, the campaign was hugely successful.

We are incredibly grateful to all those who participated in the campaign and everyone that supported their friends and family so generously so that we could reach our goal of raising $100,000. We are particularly grateful to our wonderful partners at Turners Automotive Group Limited. Turner’s staff across the country raised in excess of $24,000 with the company going above and beyond by matching the first $20,000 raised! Thank you to everyone at Turners for your amazing support.

We were lucky to have the dedicated support of campaign partners, nutritionist Sean Robertson (4 Wheels of Health), and personal trainer Aviv Jones. With their expert guidance, our amazing GIVE IT UP team kicked their habits into touch in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. GCF Executive Officer Liam Willis said, “one of the most rewarding aspects of the campaign was seeing our amazing supporters go through genuine lifestyle changes. These changes had a profound impact on their quality of life and will also help reduce the risk of developing gut cancers if they remain in place”.

GIVE IT UP participant Wendy Zerjal said “Although I started out to just give up sugar, bit by bit, I’ve started to reform some other habits too. I’ve changed where and when we shop, cooking from fresh, playing with new recipes, getting more exercise, getting more involved in some community activities, like yoga, healthy living classes, and painting. As the sunshine hours lessen I sometimes feel a bit down, but not this year. I’m so pleased I’m doing this, and it’s good to know that it’s for such a good cause outside of my personal benefit. Makes it that much more meaningful.”