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World Pancreatic Cancer Day

Thursday, November 19th was World Pancreatic Cancer Day which saw people and buildings around New Zealand ‘Purple It Up’ in support of pancreatic cancer awareness.

New Zealanders around the country donned their purple t-shirts, and landmarks such as the Otago University clocktower (Dunedin), The Civic Theatre (Auckland), The Ferrier Fountains (Christchurch) and the Redwood Forest Treewalk (Rotorua) shone purple in support of GCF’s ‘Its About Time’ campaign.

GCF Executive Officer, Liam Willis, was delighted with the response to the campaign. “We’ve seen fantastic coverage of the campaign in the mainstream media and extensive reach and interaction through our social media campaign. As well as highlighting the need for increased funding of research, the purpose of running this campaign was to make people aware of the symptoms and be vigilant with their health to prevent instances of pancreatic cancer. Seeing New Zeland turn purple in this way, coupled with the extensive media coverage will serve to get this vital message across”.

For more information on the ‘It’s About Time’ campaign, you can visit the Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Campaign website.