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These people showed us their guts!

The stomach is quite a personal part of the body, wouldn’t you agree?  Not many of us would bare it, but these guys did, they got #GutsyForGici.

GICI (said Giki) is daring you to show your guts – by writing a message on your stomach, large or small, hairy or not! about gastro-intestinal cancers statistics and the hashtag #GutsyForGici. They will keep an eye out for the best ones and reward them with prizes even.

This is all because they think this cancer group is “Not to be Ignored” – it is the largest cancer group diagnosed each year (it includes oesophagus, stomach, liver, pancreas, gall bladder and bile ducts, bowel and rectum), larger than breast, prostate and melanoma with over 5,000 people diagnosed each year and over half dying within the following five years.  That’s 8 people dying per day.

GICI is a cancer charity set up in 2009 by specialist doctors and the support of the some strong and well-meaning business people, some even survivors.  Its aim to achieve better outcomes for patients by raising funds for clinical trials, while also raising awareness.  These trials mean we get access to leading trials as they arrive keeping our medical profession up to date and offering the best care to support survival. A recent clinical trial funded by GICI, tests those with pancreatic cancer for DNA markers to determine if surgery is feasible. Pancreatic cancer has a very poor prognosis and this research has the potential to change that.

Gastro-Intestinal cancer has a very low profile yet it affects so many people.  Your donation either via the website  or text GICI to 2449 to donate $3 because we agree it’s “Not to be ignored”