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You're Invited to the Cavalcade!

Ferraris and gastro-intestinal cancer; sexy and…not so much. We don’t often see these two in the same sentence, until now.

You may have heard about the Ferrari Cavalcade that will take place on the 3rd of May. The Ferrari Owners Club of New Zealand has organised 36 Ferraris to assemble in Auckland for a procession, photo-shoot, and lunch. Rides in the Ferraris were auctioned on TradeMe as part of the fundraiser. However, the organisers have decided to open the event to the public to allow Ferrari fans to come see $20 million worth of supercars parked in one place.

For any car lovers who missed out on the auctions, you’re invited to view the Ferraris assemble and make a donation to GICI. You can view the cars in the Continental Cars show lot at 309 Broadway in Newmarket from 9-10am on the 3rd of May. The brand new Wilder & Hunt Food Truck will also be serving Kokako coffee in return for donations to GICI.

Nowhere in the world has a collection of six Ferrari supercars, including the 250GTO, 288GTO, F40, F50, Enzo and two iconic La Ferraris, been seen on public roads, let alone as part of a Cavalcade with 30 other Ferraris over 130 kilometres.

The Ferrari Owners Club hopes to draw on the enthusiasm for the luxury supercars to raise money for a worthy cause. Former President of the Club and event organiser, Chris Hogg stated: “We hope this event will bring awareness and funding to the Gastro-Intestinal Cancer Institute because they’re doing great work and deserve recognition.” Continental Cars is also supporting the event.

“We’re grateful for the exposure that this Ferrari Cavalcade will bring,” said Executive Officer of GICI, Lexie McGuire, “Gastro-intestinal cancer is collectively the most common form of cancer in New Zealand but remains under-represented in public profile. $20 million worth of cars in one place should get people’s attention!”