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Get Your Tickets!

There's only two more weeks until the Ask the Experts Event!

This free event was created for anyone who wants to learn about GI cancer; whether you are living with cancer, have a loved one who is, or would like to find out about lowering your risk of developing cancer.

The Ask the Experts event offers guests a chance to ask questions of a panel of both doctors and patients, and listen as they discuss cancer from both perspectives. Professor Michael Findlay, Mr Grant Beban, and Mr Arend Merrie will describe GI cancer symptoms, treatment, and the hope brought by medical research.  Dr Clare Wall will review nutrition and lifestyle recommendations for lowering the risk of developing cancer. And GI cancer survivors will share their stories of hope.

The event  takes place on 5 August from 7-8:30pm at King's School, 258 Remuera Road in Auckland.

We hope to see you there and hear your questions. For more information on the event, and to register for a free ticket see the Ask the Experts website.