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Marathoner Raises Funds & Awareness

This past weekend, Lizzy Guest completed the Rotorua Marathon. This is a feat in and of itself, but she also used her achievement to help raise money and awareness for gastro-intestinal cancer. Throughout her training, Lizzy encouraged her friends and family to support her efforts by donating to GICI. On her Everyday Hero fundraising page, she explained, "it's important for me to do something for myself and to show my family how important a healthy lifestyle is. I would also like to do something for others. Both my grandpa and my dad died of bowel cancer and I would like to raise money for this worthy cause."

Lizzy exceeded her fundraising goal of $500 and  spread the word about us by sporting a GICI running shirt during the marathon (a big thank you to Konstruct for designing & printing the t-shirts!). We are incredibly grateful to her for giving her time and energy! AND, it's not too late to support her cause, check out her page here.

If you're feeling inspired to raise awareness and funds, have a look at the Everyday Hero site, you can sign up to participate in an event or join our Gut Busters team to set up your own fitness and fundraising goals and invite your friends to support your achievements by donating to GICI...it's a win/win!