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Thank You Lindsay Foundation

We are extremely grateful to the Lindsay Foundation for their extremely generous donation of $50,000 in support of our patient and whānau resource project.

The Gut Cancer Foundation is committed to developing a comprehensive set of resources and information to guide and support New Zealanders impacted by cancers of the digestive system. This project requires the development of a new website and collaboration with other cancer support organisations, health literacy experts, and Māori health experts to ensure the information is accessible and relevant to a New Zealand audience.

None of this would be possible without the generosity of the foundations supporting this project, none more so than The Lindsay Foundation whose mission is to support Kiwi individuals and organisations who aspire to make a positive difference in New Zealand. Gut Cancer Foundation Executive Officer, Liam Willis said;

“The support of Brendan, Jo, Cameron, and Andrew at The Lindsay Foundation is utterly invaluable. There is a chronic lack of resources available for New Zealanders with gut cancers, particularly those affecting the upper digestive system. To ensure we are developing resources applicable to Aotearoa New Zealand requires time and money…and the donation from the Lindsay Foundation gives us just that.”

CEO of The Lindsay Foundation, Andrew Higgott said;

“The Lindsay Foundation is pleased to assist the Gut Cancer Foundation with the development of a new user-friendly website and patient information platform.

The new resource will ensure that patients and their families, diagnosed with the most common cancers in New Zealand, have direct access to information about symptoms, diagnosis, various treatment options, associated side effects, plus diet and nutrition, all with the view of ‘living well’ with cancer. We believe this will be an essential resource that will provide information with a New Zealand flavour that is valid and appropriate and looks after the needs of all Kiwi’s.”