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We're Asking Kiwis To GIVE IT UP For Gut Cancer This March

Will you ditch booze, sugar or the sofa?

This March, Gut Cancer Foundation is asking for Aotearoa to GIVE IT UP For Gut Cancer by choosing to ditch alcohol, sugar or the sofa and raise funds for their efforts.

During the month, participants are supported by the Gut Cancer Foundation team, and a whole month of webinars including: getting prepared, how to deal with cravings, the impact of alcohol, sugar on the gut and with recipe ideas and support to get moving. A real sense of community is built over the month with participants cheering each other on in the private Facebook group giving each other tips and tricks to make the month go more smoothly.

Liam Willis, GCF Executive Officer says, “There is more data emerging all the time to indicate that we have some control over individual cancer risk. Statistics from the World Cancer Research Fund International show that around 40 percent of cancer cases could be prevented by tackling risk factors relating to diet, nutrition and physical activity, while Te Aho o Te Kahu, the Cancer Control Agency, states that approximately 30 to 50 percent of all cancers are preventable if we address – among other factors – the consumption of alcohol and unhealthy foods and habits such as too little exercise.

“Many of us have made New Year’s resolutions to be healthier in some way, and we know, with one in four Kiwis drinking alcohol at harmful levels, many want to cut back or stop altogether. Others are keen to use this time to be more physically active or replace sugar in their diet with fruits and vegetables. GIVE IT UP is the only ‘give up’ campaign with an education pillar, so Kiwis learn the ‘why’ behind the risk factors and get the encouragement they need to make positive lifestyle changes while knowing they’re showing up for fellow Kiwis affected by gut cancers.”

"GIVE IT UP is main fundraising appeal of the year we want to generate a 'war-chest' funds at the start of 2023 so we can really improve access throughout the year for kiwis diagnosed with gut cancers we want to be able to give more New Zealanders access to clinical trials we want to be able to provide New Zealand researchers with the funds needed to conduct research in this country by growing the give it up campaign at the start of 2023 you will be able to help us achieve this and help improve outcomes for kiwis with a gut cancer improving their life expectancy survival rates and quality of life."

To GIVE IT UP go to www.giveitup.nz and register!