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Businesses Must Help Address Alarming Rates Of Gut Cancer

Johnathan Mitchell of NBR spoke to two businesses getting behind GIVE IT UP For Gut Cancer.

Donna Weston of Clear Head Drinks says rather than do away with the Friday drinks and work social events, It's important for businesses to be responsible employers by educating staff and providing healthier drinking and eating options in the workplace.

Kirk Bakker owner of construction group C3 Construction says his company encourages a healthy way of living and have had nutritionists come and speak to staff as well as plenty of fitness opportunities and says "It's about being better than you were yesterday.

Both Donna and Kirk have lost loved ones to gut cancers with Kirk loosing his dad to stomach cancer - both want to help raise as much awareness and funds as possible.

Go to NBR to read the full article (behind a paywall).

Illustration above by Michael Hickmott