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Thank you to the Ferrari Owners Club of New Zealand

The Gut Cancer Foundation is proud to have a long-standing relationship with the Ferrari Owners Club of New Zealand.

The club have supported our cause in the past and for the last two years we are grateful to have been chosen as their charity partner. Through a variety of activities including auctions and track days, the club has raised an amazing $30,000 in the last 2 years alone. 

Terry Dykes, President of the Ferrari Owners Club of New Zealand says ""On behalf of the Ferrari Owners of NZ I would like to say how pleased we are to be on board as a sponsor for the Gut Cancer Foundation in NZ. During my 28 years of membership, and now as NZ President I have always found our members to have a very philanthropic approach to life in recognition of those amongst us who are disadvantaged by health or other issues one may experience in life.

For many years the FOCNZ has supported cancer issues by way of either financial donation or running track days whereby people affected by cancer could be taken for a ride in their ‘dream vehicle' - a Ferrari. Our members and the larger Ferrari ‘family’ are unstintingly generous when the big ‘C’ is concerned, as no one individual is exclusively immune from this cursed disease.

So from all here at FOCNZ we wish you every success in your ongoing research at the Gut Cancer Foundation, we are very proud supporters and willing sponsors of the very good work you undertake."

Thank you to the Ferrari Owners Club for their continued support to help treat, diagnose and detect cancers of the digestive system.