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GCF calls for more funding for pancreatic cancer research

Green Shoots of Hope Emerge in

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

This November, the Gut Cancer Foundation is once again shining a light on pancreatic cancer. This year’s Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month brings new hope for action and a sea change in how we combat the disease, as three separate, major clinical trials promise to zero in on different stages of pancreatic cancer and, potentially, several other cancers.

The GCF is both funding New Zealand-generated research (IPMN) and giving New Zealanders access to international clinical trials. The three trials are designed to target three different stages of pancreatic cancer but we are only really scratching the surface of what is necessary to shift the dial for this group of patients

Liam Willis, Executive Officer at GCF, says, “The way to shift the dial on pancreatic cancer outcomes is by making advances in diagnosis and treatment, and these are found through research, which GCF has fundraised for over many years. This Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month we are telling our supporters and the New Zealand public about this research, what it means for public health, and how they can help themselves and others when it comes to pancreatic cancer awareness, early intervention, and hopefully prevention.

Read the full press release here