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You may be worried that the effects of cancer and cancer treatment may mean that you, or your carer, have to take time off work, reduce your hours or stop working completely.

It is normal to feel worried, but be reassured that there are many support packages available to help you through this time.

Contact Work and Income on 0800 559 009. They will be able to tell you if you are entitled to any financial support. You may have to provide a medical certificate from your GP or oncology team to the agency that you are applying to for assistance.

Alternatively, talk to your GP or a palliative care specialist to help you with grants and expenses related to your daily living, heating, and household costs. They may be able to tell you about benefits for you and your carer(s).

Examples of financial support packages could include:

  • jobseeker Support

  • sole Parent Support

  • supported Living Payment

  • community Services Card

  • accommodation Supplement

  • disability Allowance

  • special Disability Allowance

  • temporary Additional Support

  • help with urgent or unexpected costs

  • working for Families/Family Tax Credit

  • childcare Assistance.

You can find other useful sources of information on financial assistance and benefits in the downloadable booklet, A Guide for Carers and also on the Cancer Society Website