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Being diagnosed with cancer can mean that you have to take time off work and you may be worried about what that will mean for you and your whānau.

If you, or your carers, are not able to work due to your cancer diagnosis, you may be eligible for government support. See Financial Support & Assistance page to find out more information.

Other sources of financial assistance you may be able to access are:

Health insurance

If you have health insurance you may be able to access private healthcare for some consultations, diagnostic procedures and treatments. Private healthcare usually means that you can access these sooner than through the public health system.

Other insurance

You may have other insurance that you have paid into yourself, such as income protection, mortgage protection or critical illness protection, that may provide funds to support you through this time. You may also be able to access life insurance payments early if diagnosed with a critical or terminal illness.


If you have Kiwisaver, in certain circumstances, you can apply to withdraw a one-off lump some of money to help you through a difficult time. Click here to find out more information.